How to use the VBCC Compiler


The VBCC compiler was released by Dr Volker Barthelmann in 2001 (0.8). The lastest version of VBCC is 0.9b.

Contents of VBCC Package:

VBCC consists of two parts: A binary package and a target package. There are binary/targets for AmigaOS, Morphos, Powerup, Warpup and Atari MiNT.


Download the binary and target archives from the VBCC website and extract the files to a folder on the hard disk.

Run the Install script for the binary files first and then Install the target files next.

You will need the include files from the either the Amiga Developer CD 1.2, NDK3.9 or AmigaOS 4 SDK for your system, the Amiga one is on Aminet.
For Morphos, try the Morphos Downloads. Put the includes in the vbcc\targets\m68k-amigaos\include folder.

Directories and folders

An VBCC installation contains a number of directories and assigns needed for it to run.

vbcc - main directory
bin - program files
config - contains aos68k and vc.config files
doc - contains documents in mainly pdf and doc formats
target - platform specific files including libs and include files

VBCC Main Programs

vc - Main compiler and build program
ar - archive tool
fd2pragma - Converts FD files to pragma files
vasmm68k_std - MC 680x0 assembler
vasmppc_std - MC PowerPC assembler
vbccppc - PPC C compiler
vlink - Linker
vprof - Program profiler (determine timings)

How to create an VBCC Project

1. Open a Shell

2. Create a new folder for your directory e.g. makedir Work:MyProject and cd to it.

3. Use Ed or your favourite editor to create your source code e.g. ed program.c

4 To compile a single program, enter vc program.c -o program

If you do not specify the -o option then the resulting program will be called a.out. If you forget the -o option, you can rename the a.out file to a more meaningful name.

You can specify multiple options with vc (see the vbcc documentation on what the options are). If there are too many options

then use the -cmd option and use a file with all the options specified in it.

5. To test your program type the program name e.g. program.

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